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Using Data Links

Once you've created a Data Link, you'll be shown options for how to use it. Each Data Link generates a URL of a live CSV that has a row for each Asana task. You can use this CSV URL in any reporting application that can read CSVs via URL, or you can write your own script for reading data from it.

Google Sheets

To load the CSV's data into a Google Sheet, use the IMPORTDATA function. This will look like the following, but using your Data Link's CSV URL:


Once you've loaded the data using IMPORTDATA, you can then perform additional transformations on the data in another tab and/or create a chart or a graph of the data.

Refreshing Google Sheets Data

IMPORTDATA will update the data in the Google Sheet about once every hour, as described in "Choose how often formulas calculate" here.

If you make a change in your Data Link and want to see it reflected in the Google Sheet immediately, you can add a parameter to the Data Link CSV URL. For example, if your original IMPORTDATA function looks like this:


Then you can add ?version=2 to the end of the URL to force the Google Sheet to refresh the data:


If you make another change and you want to see it reflected, you can change this to ?version=3 (and so on).